Bagasse Take-Away Packaging Bowls

Bagasse Take-Away Packaging Bowls

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Bagasse take-away packaging is the perfect alternative to paper plates or bowls. Made from the crushed stalks of the sugarcane once it is pressed for it’s juices. Sugarcane is a renewable plant so the bi-product bagasse is the perfect raw material to turn into various products such as plates, bowls, clamshells and even cutlery. It is sturdier then paper and is suitable for hot, cold, wet and oily foods or liquids.
But one extremely great reason we should use bagasse take away packaging is, it is compostable, after use just place your plate or bowl into the compost bin and it will compost in a commercial setting anywhere between 30-60 days.
Our Bagasse Bowls come in 4 different sizes with lids available in both flat and dome. From fruit bowls to burrito bowls we have you covered!
Bowl Size: 12oz – 900pcs / 18oz – 600pcs / 26oz – 300pcs / 32oz – 600pcs



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CMB026 -12oz 900pcs, CMB001 -18oz 600pcs, CBB065 – 26oz Oval 300pcs, CMB014B -32oz 600pcs


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